New York City born and raised, singer-songwriter Alex York draws influences from an eclectic mix of music legends—from David Bowie, Queen, and The Beatles, to Japanese greats Southern All-Stars, B’z, and Misora Hibari—all the while soaking up the fresh stylings of his own generation's pacesetters. He is fluent in the Japanese language and studied Japanese at Yale University.


    Alex has amassed a strong independent following and gained acclaim from media, as well as been a featured performer at major festivals. The 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) nominated both his song "I Don’t Care" for best alternative rock song of the year, as well as his track “Push and Pull” for best pop song of the year, marking a double nomination. Time Out New York has called him “a rock star in the making". He has brought his dynamic live show to the Bamboozle festival, CMJ music festival, and Japan Society j-CATION festival, among others.


    He had his Japan debut on NTV's hit primetime show Waratte Koraete!, which billed him as a "heartthrob, charismatic musician", "adept at Japanese". Shortly after the broadcast, Alex's love song to Japan, "American Boy", charted #8 on the iTunes Japan Pop charts. "Change," an inspirational rock ballad he wrote in the hope of a swift recovery from the 2011 earthquake / tsunami, charted at #19.  The two songs hit #1 and #2 on the Amazon Japan Pop charts.

    Strong response in Japan led Alex to be invited in September by the US Ambassador to Japan in Tokyo to perform a special charity concert, in honor of the American-Japanese cultural friendship program, the TOMODACHI Initiative. Popular Japanese TV shows, like Fuji TV's Nonstop! and NTV's Zip!, have featured Alex and his love for Japan.

    The success of his song "American Boy" and its music video, which has received more than 3,000,000 views, helped Alex be dubbed one of the  "trends of 2013" by popular Japanese teen magazine Pichi Lemon. Alex also recently charmed listeners with his banter in Japanese and powerful singing voice on Radio Nikkei’s Sweet Nine Station.

    Since July of 2012, Alex has appeared as a reporter / television personality on FCI Morning Eye and FCI News Catch!, broadcast by Japanese Fuji TV in America. His friendly personage and fluency in Japanese have hooked viewers, making his segments among the most viewed. 

   Always valuing communication with his fans, Alex has independently drawn in more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, 60,000 on Twitter and over 90,000 Facebook fans across the world since entering the music scene.


   In addition to his activities as an artist, Alex writes and performs original music for diverse media, including Hollywood films, television series, and commercials. His activities have broadened in Japan, as well, where he pens music for J-pop artists and has created material for the likes of famed producer Yasushi Akimoto and popular boy band GOT7.

   In front of the camera, Alex continues to engage viewers thanks to his unorthodox mixture of highly polite, intellectual Japanese speech with his rock-flavored stage presence and persona. Most recently, he taught English to pop star Haruka Shimazaki (AKA Paruru from AKB48) and offered his rendition of iconic J-pop on the TV show “Parulingual”.


ボウイ、クイーン、ビートルズ、更に、サザンオールスターズ、  B’z、 美空ひばりに至るまで、洋楽・邦楽に囚われない様々なジャンルの音楽の影響を受ける。














I Don’t Care」が優秀オルタナティヴ・ロックに、更に、

ダンス・ポップのナンバー「Push and Pull」が優秀ポップスにと、

2013年、2曲同時ノミネートを果たす。人気雑誌「Time Out New York」のネット上では、アレックスを「ロック・スターの卵」





「日本ラブ」が伝わる新曲「American Boy」がiTunes Japanポップス部門では8位を独占する。更に、番組で取り上げられた、日本の

復興を願うバラード「Change」が同部門で19位。Amazon Japanポップス部門では1位、2位にもランクイン。

 又、米国大使公邸にて開催された日米交流活動の支援イベント「TOMODACHI Initiative」に出演するため9月に来日後、 11月、



 「American Boy」のビデオ・クリップは現在、300万回以上もの視聴回数。上記の反応を受け、人気ティーン雑誌「ピチレモン」にて、「2013年流行予測」に選出され、ラジオNIKKEI「Sweet Nine Station」でも、愛嬌のあるトークと、迫力ある歌声でリスナーを魅了。

 フジサンケイグループがアメリカで放送するニュース・情報番組「FCI News Catch!」と「FCIモーニングEYE」にてレポーターとして親しみやすいキャラクターと絶妙な日本語力で番組ファンのハートをしっかりキャッチ。


秋元康がプロデュースする英国人気音楽番組・X Factor出身のStevi Ritchieが歌う楽曲をも手掛ける。2016年、「ぱるりんがる〜ぱるるをバイリンガルにするテレビ〜」(MXテレビ)で英語講師兼NY出身ミュージシャンとして出演。